Bauchaille Etive Mor
Across the Thames
Castle eilean Donan 2
Millenium Bridge
Still waters

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July 21st, 2010

Thank you

I’d just like to say thank you to everyone that has visited the exhibition so far and hope that you enjoyed the experience and saw some interesting work.  While I was at the gallery it was nice to meet some of you, hear what you thought of my work, answer some of your questions and […]

July 7th, 2010


The last couple of weeks have been taken over preparing my work for a joint exhibition.  Once I’d selected which images to exhibit the work of printing, mounting and framing began, every spare surface soon became covered with images at various stages of prep.  It was good to finally complete all the work and see […]

July 7th, 2010


Welcome to my new site.  My web designer has just completed my site and it went live on Tuesday 6th July.  I’m in the process of selecting which images to display so you should see a number of changes over the next few weeks.  I hope you enjoy your visit.

Recent Articles

August 1st, 2010

Long Exposure with a 10 Stop Filter

My Approach to Long Exposure Long exposures are achieved by reducing the amount of light hitting the camera’s sensor, the less light the longer the shutter can remain open without over-exposing your image.  There are several ways of controlling this – aperture, shutter speed, ISO, filters, time of day or a combination of any or […]

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